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Since 1994, Mastrad, a French company specializing in the design of culinary accessories, has been working to revolutionize the world of cooking by creating the "Art of The Useful". From The Deos steel soap to the silicone kitchen glove, through the papillotes... Products recognized all over the world by both the general public and professionals. The recipe for its success: a good dose of utility, a big spoon of ergonomics and quality and the final touch, a pinch of aesthetics! A recipe prepared, with care, by great Chefs... Designers! Today, thanks to a close-knit team always in search of innovation, the Mastrad collection has been enriched to make your kitchen more functional, enjoyable and colorful.

0.50 litre Mastrad foam siphon box

A high-security siphon for hot (up to 50oC) or cold preparations, gas canisters to use it right away and the recipe book Moss of Mastrad so you...
86,54 €
77,89 €
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N2O Mastrad - box of 10

Sauces, creams, fruit or vegetable emulsions, espumas... Never run out of ammunition for your preparations! Specially designed for the...
8,00 €
7,20 €
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Siphon Mosses Mastrad 0.50 litre

Siphon Mastrad 0.5 litres for hot and cold mousses such as fruit mousses, vegetables, fish, sauces, creams and whipped creams. Product compliant...
70,00 €
63 €
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0.50 litre stainless steel Mastrad

You have before your eyes the cream of the cream of hot and cold foam siphons, the most professional siphon of Mastrad. Entirely made of...
99,00 €
89,10 €
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