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Louis FRAN-OIS born in 1882 is a self-taught inventor who is passionate about the work of Louis Pasteur and other scientists of the time. He set up his laboratory in Paris and founded his company in 1908.
He quickly became interested in the conservation, texture and emulsion problems encountered in food applications.
He designed specialties based on natural products: agar agar, gum arabic and adragante and egg powder that find their application in the culinary arts.
For more than a century, the LOUIS FRAN-OIS Society has been perpetuating this passion for innovation and excellence. With a production site and a laboratory located in Ile-de-France.
Louis FRAN-OIS manufactures and markets a wide range of products worldwide for the bakery, chocolate, ice cream and gastronomy sectors.
The longevity of a passion and know-how requires attention and consideration.
LOUIS FRAN-OIS, for three generations has been committed to respecting this tradition with rigour, creativity and humility.

Alginate de sodium HV 1 kg - E401

Inodorous and tasteless, high viscosity sodium alginate (HV) - E401 is an extract of brown algae, called laminar. Forms an insoluble, stable gel...
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Dehydrated egg white - 100 grams

The egg white of the egg deshydrated powder rises in snow and holds like fresh egg whites. These egg whites hold better than fresh egg whites...
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