Box of 7 oval fluted cutters

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Exoglass Oval Canneles (Box of 7)

This box includes 9 exoglass even fluted round cutters with a diameter of 4 cm to 13 cm. The size is marked on the cycouple for quick identification!

These round cutters are used to cut pastries, cookies, pie bottoms and quiches.

Made from a single-piece in Exoglass, they are very durable, easy to maintain and offer an excellent edge.

Their Exoglass composition is ideal for professionals, pastry chefs or restaurateurs because exoglass perfectly meets hygiene requirements. It is imputrescible, indeformable, suitable for dishwasher and sterilization.

Technical features:

  • 7 Oval fluted decouples
  • Diameter: 4 to 13 cm
  • Exoglass composite material
  • Temperature- 160oC
  • French manufacturing

Also available: the box of 9 exoglass square cutters, the box of 9 exoglass fluted squares, the box of 7 oval exoglass rounded cuttings, the box of 7 oval cutlery rounded fluted exoglass.

Expert opinion Colichef :

conseil expert

Professional-quality exoglass pastry cups!

These cut-outs are appreciated by passionate and professional cooks for 3 reasons:

- The grip is facilitated thanks to the thick edge.

- The cutout is sharp.

- Exoglass is resistant over time and offers perfect hygiene!

Bonus: The storage box is handy for storing and not losing the cutouts!

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