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Molecular cuisine: It's a modern way of cooking at the crossroads of science and culinary art. The use of natural texturing agents to deconstruct dishes and cocktails, you can make mojito bubbles and other martini in bite-sized pieces or beads of balsamic vinegar or chocolate spaghetti. Thanks to the products MOLÉCULE-R, a world of culinary possibilities opens up to you.

Agar-agar (10 sachets)

Agar-agar (10 sachets) Agar-agar is a natural gelling agent made from red algae used to make solid pearls, gel spaghetti and jams, among...
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Cosmopolitan R-evolution molecular kit

Cosmopolitan R-evolution molecular kit Impress your friends with three recipes that push the boundaries of molecular mixology! Add a...
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Cocktail R-evolution molecular kit

Cocktail R-evolution molecular kit Stop just mixing juice and alcohol and learn how to deconstruct your favourite cocktails! Serve...
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