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Discover a selection of Japanese kitchen knives forged at the best price. For amateurs and professionals, these Japanese knives will accompany you in the preparation of your dishes with unprecedented efficiency.
Colichef has selected the biggest names for you, choose your forged knife from among the Arcos and Zwilling brands or your Japanese Kaiknife, Misono or Global.

Forged kitchen knife 26 cm

This forged kitchen knife is used to clean, cut and chop vegetables and meats. The blade is made of stainless steel soaked with molybdenum...
50,00 €
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Forged cutting knife 21 cm

This forged cutting knife is designed to cut fish, meat and poultry into slices. The blade is made of stainless steel soaked with...
35,00 €
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Forged meat fork 16 cm

This meat fork helps to keep the meat well for an easy and secure cut. This forged knife features two sharpened...
43,00 €
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Professional sharpener

The principle is very simple, you just have to put the blade of the knife in the angle open by the stems and bring it down along them. When the...
82,00 €
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INOX professional sharpener

Efficient and easy to use. Simply put the knife blade in the open angle by the stems and bring it down along them. When the stems are in a stop,...
119,00 €
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Meat fork 31 cm GF24

Heirs to the great tradition of Japanese samurai, knivesGLOBAL are the reference in the field of gastronomy. The blades...
129,00 €
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16 cm deboning knife (forged blade) GF31

Deboned knife with a wider blade than usual. This allows to bone the hardest meats but also to work as close as possible to the bones without...
123,00 €
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Diamond sharpening rifle 30 cm G39

Rifle with a diamond wick ensuring extremely effective sharpening. Stainless steel handle. Round wick. Rifle with rubber guard, protects the...
201,00 €
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Knife-carrying block Global wide

Your Global knives will be well protected with this Globalbrand design knife block. Knife-carrying block provided for 10 knives and 1 rifle.
225,00 €
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