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For your kitchen, choose the best utensils with Colichef. We have selected for you the best products at the best price: Chinese colander,funnels, salad spinner, spoon balance,siphons isi, kitchen torch and many more. This material is well suited to amateurs and professionals as well as to professionals, guaranteeing you a quality of production and a real comfort in the preparation of your dishes.

Right spatula 20 cm

Spatula with polypropylene overmoulded handle for guaranteed hygiene. Grinded stainless steel blades (thickness of the degressive blade) for...
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0.50 litre Mastrad foam siphon box

A high-security siphon for hot (up to 50oC) or cold preparations, gas canisters to use it right away and the recipe book Moss of Mastrad so you...
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77,89 €
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Siphon Mosses Mastrad 0.50 litre

Siphon Mastrad 0.5 litres for hot and cold mousses such as fruit mousses, vegetables, fish, sauces, creams and whipped creams. Product compliant...
70,00 €
63 €
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0.50 litre stainless steel Mastrad

You have before your eyes the cream of the cream of hot and cold foam siphons, the most professional siphon of Mastrad. Entirely made of...
99,00 €
89,10 €
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Black Pro-Le Creuset silicone spoon spatula

This silicone spatula from the brand Le Creuset has a spoon-shaped head. It is perfect for scraping, stirring, pouring and...
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