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Here we offer you the best quality for your pastry equipment. As well suited to professionals as to discerning amateurs, we make it a point of honor to select the best products and offer them at the best price. You will find all the necessary equipment to succeed your pastries: silicone mold,kitchen brush, rolling pin or professional ice spoon for your frozen desserts.

Bakewell Cooking Paper

This roll of non-stick baking paper will allow you to place your preparations directly on paper without having to grease your...
33 €
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45 cm silicone patissiere pocket

A socket pocket made of food silicone, this new pocket is durable and very flexible. The smooth interior facilitates the flow of creams...
12 €
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Extendable dough roll 5 smooth wheels

A chrome-shaped steel roller with several rods with sharp wheels with a diameter of 5.5 cm. This device allows you to cut several regular strips...
72 €
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