Gelato Pro 5K crea sc sorbetière


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Gelato Pro 5K Crea sc Nemox sorbetière

The 5K Crea sc ice cream maker is the world reference for glaciers and restaurateurs. Practical, powerful and fast, this ice cream maker will allow you to make quality ice creams in express.

Robustness and efficiency, THE ice cream maker adored by professionals!

This professional ice turbine is equipped with a drainage system for easier cleaning.

Its stainless steel tank AISI 304 offers maximum reliability both in terms of hygiene and durability with great resistance to possible shocks.

This ice machine has a magnetic safety device. For safety the pallet automatically stops when the lid is lifted.

A quality ice texture with maximum yield!

Its wide opening makes it easy to add ingredients for important production. This is the fastest ice machine, it can produce up to 7 Litres of ice cream or sorbet per hour!

It is designed to work continuously to get more variety of ice fragrance in a short time.

The production cycle is approximately 12 to 15 minutes.

The gelato pro 5K Crea gelato ice cream maker offers 4 cooling programs and 4 pre-recorded conservation programs.

Ingenious, this turbine has a density control mechanism: the mixing engine automatically shuts down when the ice is ready.

Technical features:

  • The body of the machine as well as are mixer (pale) are stainless steel.
  • For increased efficiency, the blade is equipped with adjustable and interchangeable scrapers.
  • Air cooling.
  • Dimensions: 465 x 480 x 395mm
  • Production cycle: about 12 to 15 minutes
  • Production per cycle: 1.25kg
  • Production per hour: 5kg / 7L
  • Manufacturing Italy

To succeed in the texture of your ice creams, use our food additives: Carob gum powder, sodium alginate gf150, Dextrose powder, Stab 2000, Glycerol Monoestearate, Galligum Guar, Glucose Syrup

The expert's opinion Colichef :

conseil expert

The ultimate in ice turbines for professionals!

What a luxury to be able to combine the quantity and speed of production with an ice machine like this!

Moreover, working with this turbine you have the assurance of getting a perfect texture for years and years!

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