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The use of silicone allows excellent results and several advantages. Thanks to its strength, stability and thermal flexibility, Silikomart silicone is used up to temperatures ranging from -60 to 230 degrees Celsius.

That's why all silicone mold production is strictly MADE IN ITALY and it uses the best silicone on the market, which is 100% platinum liquid silicone. It is a material of excellent quality, compliant with food standards, completely odourless and does not keep the tastes of food. Platinum silicone, compared to other types of silicone, is pure and able to guarantee full food of the product. Silikomart devotes great attention to quality controls to guarantee the customer a completely reliable silicone mold that follows all the standards of law.

Safety, quality and services, with the extraordinary design of the products, make Silikomart the real specialist of silicone in pastry, at the glacier or in the restaurant.

Silicone mould - Fluted pie mould 24 cm

Non-stick silicone mould for baking and cooking. Use between -60 and 230 degrees Celsius. You don't have to grease the surface. Very easy to...
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