A kitchen thermometer, to succeed all dishes

What is a kitchen thermometer?

Do you know that there are thermometers specially designed for use in the kitchen? Indeed, temperature plays a very important role in the culinary art: if a dish is too hot, it can be too dry or burnt, and if it is too cold, it will not be good either.

This is why you can use a kitchen thermometer, which allows, among other things, perfect cooking of baked dishes. Some recipes (pastry, ice creams, sauces, creams, etc.) can quickly become complicated to make without the use of a thermometer.

Different types of kitchen thermometer

There are different kinds of kitchen thermometer,starting with the fridge or freezer thermometer. It is placed in the refrigerator, freezer or cold room to control its temperature. The confectioner thermometer is immersed in the jam that is cooking, so that it cooks at the optimum temperature.

The thermometer weighs syrup to measure the density of the syrup, so that it is sufficiently consistent. There is also a digital kitchen thermometer with a needle that is pricked in meat, for example, to ensure the type of cooking you want. Finally, the laser thermometer flashes the food and then gives its temperature.

This last type of thermometer can be seen in professional kitchens; it is used to control the temperature of the products that enter it. You will find on our website different specific kitchen utensils to measure such as thermometer, kitchen scale, timers. Contact us before your purchase if you need more information.