Rhodoid - pastry tape H 3.5 cm

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This pastry ribbon roll, also known as the shirt film, is ideal for making it easy to remove your entremet circles and pastry frames.

This professional-grade P.V.C.-anti-adherent film has a thickness of 60 microns. This 200-metre rhodoid pastry ribbon is designed to be cut to the desired length.

It makes it possible to make Bavarian, foams, charlottes with smooth edges for a flawless result.

Practical, just cut the strip and slide it against the inner walls of your circle or pastry frame (whether it is round, square, rectangular, oval ... the tape fits), then you can add your preparation. Finally, after removing your frame or pastry circle, all you have to do is remove the tape to see the result!

Technical features:

  • Height 3.5 cm
  • 60 microns thickness
  • Sold by 200-metre roll
  • French manufacturing

Also available are pastry circles.

Expert opinion Colichef :

conseil expert

Essential to easily unmould all your pastries and entremets without damaging or distorting the turn!

Whether with a foam, a cream ... The result is perfectly smooth!

This transparent PVC pastry ribbon guarantees impeccable contours of your Bavarians, mousses, entremets and charlottes!

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