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The blade of these Arcos knives is made of stainless steel soaked in molybdenum and vanadium, giving it excellent strength and ease for sharpening. The handle has an excellent finish and a great hardness allows the Arcos knives to withstand bleach and aging. Unreformable at high and low temperatures (from -40C to 150C). Special aluminum alloy rivets guaranteed against corrosion. Spanish manufacturing.

10 cm forged court knife

Knife with a 10 cm blade for more maneuverability To peel fruits and vegetables, slice, chop garlic, etc.
21 €
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Forged kitchen knife 26 cm

This forged kitchen knife is used to clean, cut and chop vegetables and meats. The blade is made of stainless steel soaked with molybdenum...
50 €
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Forged cutting knife 21 cm

This forged cutting knife is designed to cut fish, meat and poultry into slices. The blade is made of stainless steel soaked with...
35 €
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Santoku forged knife 18 cm

The Santoku knife is a multi-use knife used in Asian cuisine with a long and sharp blade, it allows the preparation of meat, fish and...
36 €
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Forged bread knife 18 cm

This bread knife is very popular with restaurant professionals. Its 18cm-long blade is strong and notched, allowing it to cut...
35 €
In stock

Forged deboning knife 14 cm

Forged boning knife with thin curved blade. Ideal for deboning, unnerfaging and degreasing meat and poultry.
32 €
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Forged meat fork 16 cm

This meat fork helps to keep the meat well for an easy and secure cut. This forged knife features two sharpened...
43 €
In stock

Vegetable knife curved blade 6cm

This 6 cm Genova Arcos bird beak vegetable knife is specially designed to peel fruits and vegetables with...
3 €
In stock

Rifle 25 cm round blade

This sharpening rifle Arcos has a round blade measuring 25cm long and with a diameter of 13 mm. Regularly sharpen the blade of your knives...
16 €
En réappro.

30 cm oval blade rifle

This professional sharpening rifle Arcos has an oval blade measuring 30 cm long. Thanks to its chrome carbon steel blade, you...
40 €
En réappro.

Professional sharpener

The principle is very simple, you just have to put the blade of the knife in the angle open by the stems and bring it down along them. When the...
82 €
In stock

Magnetized bar 36.5 cm

Always have your knives at your fingertips with this high-quality stainless steel magnet bar. She supports all the steel knives. No more...
18 €
In stock

50 cm magnetized bar

Always have your knives at your fingertips with this high-quality stainless steel magnetic bar. She supports all the steel knives. No...
40 €
In stock

Kitchen scissors Arcos 24 cm

Kitchen scissors have an axis of fastening blades away from the rings in order to have greater leverage to cut.
9 €
En réappro.

Poultry scissors Arcos 25 cm

Poultry scissors all in stainless steel, with curved wool. Metal flap closure.
44 €
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Knife block (4 knives - scissors)

Wooden knife block comes with 3 knives and a pair of scissors.
79 €
En réappro.
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