First steps with his Global knife

The best of Japanese cutlery contained in the Global knife

For more than a thousand years, the Japanese have been renowned for their expertise in cutlery. The famous Samurai developed this art by making swords as sharp as they are solid. While the use of this formidable weapon has been prohibited for decades, blacksmiths have converted to the manufacture of kitchen knives, but always with the same talent.

Designed in 1985 by Komin Yamada in the pure tradition of Japanese knives, the Global knife aims to revolutionize the world of gastronomy. Using the best stainless steels in high carbon content, the manufacturers of the Globalknife wanted to offer a tool that is both sharp and easy to handle.

The result is simply striking: a blade of pure lightness that cuts like a razor and a hollow handle filled with sand that offers a perfect feeling of balance and safety.

The Global knife is perfect for discovering the know-how of Japanese cutlery

To have perfect cuts and succeed in your preparations, nothing beats the use of specific kitchen utensils. The Global knife is the ultimate in this Japanese range thanks to its many features. Perfectly balanced, the Global brand's kitchen knives offer an ideal grip. The exceptional edge allows you to work without the risk of injury. Made from Molybdenum-Vanadium, this Japanese knife is cut for intensive use for many years.

In addition to its unmistakable and timeless design, the Global knife has a blade with a yarn outfit far superior to other models. In order to preserve your knives Global as long as possible, it is advisable to sharpen them with the right equipment: shinkansen sharpener, diamond blade rifle or sharpening stones.

Ideal for experienced chefs and hobbyists, the seamless construction of the Global knife offers unique hygiene and maximum safety, while reducing the risk of food contamination. Offering a wide range of knives, the Global brand is perfect for the most demanding. To not damage the sharpness of its edge, we recommend using your global knife on a composite or wooden cutting board.