Exoglass curved blade pastry cutter

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Product details

Ref :P270

Exoglass curved blade pastry cutter

This professional pastry cutter is made of Exoglass composite material®.

The Exoglass® has the advantage of being non-stick, unformable, rigid, rigide stainless,washable dishwasher, sterilized.

The curved blade is 11.5 cm wide, convenient for cutting bread, pizza or pastry dough.

It can also be used to spread preparations or to be in contact with preparations at high temperatures.

Technical features:

  • Washable in dishwasher
  • Sterilizable
  • Straight and rigid blade
  • Dimensions 11.5 x 8 cm
  • Exoglass composite material®
  • French manufacturing

Also available: the curved and rigid blade paste cut, the curved and supple blade paste cut, the straight and rigid blade paste cut, the straight and soft blade paste cut, the right blade exoglass paste cut

Expert opinion Colichef :

conseil expert

Thanks to its Exoglass composition, the dough stands out well.

Perfectly rigid, this pastry cutter does not deform even after years of use!

The Exoglass is particularly suited to the requirements of catering professionals and strict hygiene standards, we appreciate its strength and the fact that you can sterilize the pastry cutter for absolute hygiene.

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