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Austrian brand, Isi has established itself as the world leader in siphons and cartridges by offering innovative, versatile and perfectly designed items.

Siphon Isi Gourmet Whip 1/4 litre

Specially designed for cooking, the isi® brand's Gourmet Whip siphon is suitable for both hot and cold preparations. It can be stored in a...
86 €
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Siphon isi Thermo Xpress Whip 1 litre

For the preparation of fresh whipped creams. Also suitable for hot and cold preparations, such as espumas, appetizers, sauces and desserts.
195 €
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Chantilly siphon Isi cream profi whip 1/2 litre

Siphon for cold preparations with stainless steel body and head. Head with removable valve and seal with tongue for quick and hygienic cleaning....
78,25 €
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Chantilly siphon isi cream profi whip 1 litre

This whipped cream PROFI WHIP Plus isi stainless steel siphon is ideal for authentic-tasting whipped creams, flavoured creams and delicious...
85,28 €
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COFFRET Siphon "Rapid infusion" 1/2 litre

Specially designed for cooking, the "Gourmet Whip" siphon is suitable for hot preparations as well as cold preparations. It can be stored in a...
116 €
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Funnel - removable stainless steel sieve

Thanks to the new stainless steel funnel isi with sieve, no more overflows and stains! Each component can be used separately or easily assembled...
37 €
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Replacement silicone seal for gourmet WHIP and THERMO WHIP siphon

A replacement red silicone siphon seal, red silicone seals are used to replace Gourmet WHip and Thermo Whip joints, while white silicone seals...
5 €
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Replacement silicone seal for Isi cream siphon

A replacement white silicone siphon seal, white silicone seals are used to replace the seals of Isi cream siphons, while red silicone seals are...
5 €
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Recipe book isi - a culinary journey

The official book from isi. A beautiful work to fully enjoy your siphon isi. In addition to the different recipes, this book details various...
43,15 €
34,52 €
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