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Colichef has chosen the market leaders, the isi and MastradSiphons, whose quality is impeccable.

You will make delicious hot or cold culinary preparations with them, such as sweet and savoury creams or mousses: vegetable or fruit espumas, sauces, whipped creams or flavoured ones.

isi offers several excellent products of different countenances, as well as a special siphon sodas. The Siphon Mastrad will allow you to create dishes of incredible lightness.

Fully composed of stainless steel, the isi and Mastrad Siphons work with special gas cartridges and accessories available on this site.

Chantilly siphon Isi cream profi whip 1/2 litre

Siphon for cold preparations with stainless steel body and head. Head with removable valve and seal with tongue for quick and hygienic cleaning....
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Replacement silicone seal for gourmet WHIP and THERMO WHIP siphon

A replacement red silicone siphon seal, red silicone seals are used to replace Gourmet WHip and Thermo Whip joints, while white silicone seals...
5 €
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