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To cook well, you must be properly equipped with professionally worthy utensils. Here you will find a very wide selection of Chinese sieve and stainless steel sieve. You'll find for yourself that quality is at the rendezvous for solid products that you will keep for a long time and that you will be sure to be satisfied with.

To pass sauces, you need a Chinese. To make semolina, you need a sieve. Examples could be multiplied to prove to you that these are utensils that you will necessarily use, on a daily basis, even for preparations that do not require a lot of cooking time.

Stainless conical sieve

Large stainless steel conical sieve (32 cm diameter). Its stainless steel manufacturing ensures great stability and solidity. Easy to maintain....
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Rösle foldable passer (red)

Ultra-practical, this colander knows how to make itself very small and be forgotten. Once folded, it fits easily and occupies very little...
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