The kitchen blowtorch

The blowtorch, a very useful accessory

The kitchen torch is an often underestimated kitchen utensil, which most people do not suspect is useful. While it is usually an indispensable component of the preparation of crème brûlées or meringues, it can also serve you many other things: light dozens of candles quickly on a cake or even light a barbecue! But also caramelize hundreds of dishes: tarts tatin, flans, ...

The kitchen torch can help prepare a whole meal: gratin or melt cheese without cooking the rest of the dish unlike the grill, facilitate the peeling of certain vegetables by grilling the skin, removing the remaining feathers on the poultry, ... These are many functions that are offered to you as soon as you buy your blowtorch, which you can get for a very low price.

The kitchen blowtorch: small investment, great functionality

To light a barbecue for example, nothing could be simpler! Your kitchen torch will save you real time and effort. Caramel also becomes a breeze: more burnt taste at the bottom of a saucepan, just cover the surface of a sugar cake and direct the flame on it to see it immediately transformed!

For those who pull their hair out with the preparation of this precious brown liquid, the blowtorch will quickly become indispensable and will bring with it an almost magical way to make caramel. Also perfect for retouching the outside of a cake at the end of the silicone mold.

For canapés or toasts, it can also be very useful: the kitchen torch can grill or melt just what it takes, without cooking. When it comes to tomatoes, peppers, and other vegetables or fruits to be boiled for peeling, the blowtorch saves you this drudgery in a simple way: by burning the skin, it becomes hard and can be much more easily removed.

And for the traditional preparation of duck, chicken, turkey or any other poultry or game, the kitchen torch allows you to remove in a clear and simple way all the little feathers as well as the hairs that can remain on the beast.