The Staubcasserole, the high-end for cast iron casseroles

Why choose a Staub casserole?

Since its creation in 1974, the Staub brand has made a name for itself in the world of culinary art. Since then, the "picots" casseroles have emerged and have contributed to the brand's reputation. These pimples are located under the lid and guarantee a "rain" effect: during cooking, the steam that comes out of the food rises, hits the pimples and falls on the food to water it continuously. There is no evaporation and the food retains all its flavor.

This system, originally designed by the brand Staub, greatly improves the quality and taste of the prepared dish, which is then softer and juicier. Since then, many brands have been trying to copy the principle of the "pegs" casserole, but none of them match the finish of the casseroles Staub.

You should know that a cast iron pot of this brand is used as an induction pan with all types of heat source: oven, electric, gas, ceramic and induction.

The benefits of the Staub casserole

The cast iron Staubcasserole has several size advantages, starting with the diversity of possible diameters for such a cast iron casserole: thus, one can either opt for several individual casseroles or for a larger casserole.

The slow-cooked dishes that are cooked with such a container are both more traditional and healthier, because a casserole Staub does not attach, which allows not to add neither fat nor sauce to give taste to the dish.

In addition, the look of a casserole is elegant and authentic, allowing you to go directly from the kitchen to the table, without the need to change dishes to make the service.

In conclusion, it is important to choose for your kitchen a quality cast iron casserole, because it will last for many years (the casserole Staub is guaranteed for life) and always be faithful to its vocation.