Succulent homemade fries with a fried cut

Save time and money with the fried cut

A manual utensil that cuts potatoes into sticks or diced, the fried cut allows you to have homemade fries ready to fry in just a few minutes. Thanks to a lever press that minimizes effort, the deep-cut saves a lot of time. Similarly, there is no need to go out or waste money to go to the local fast food or spend several minutes hand-cutting potatoes.

The quality of the cut improves the taste of the fries because this appliance allows to have regular cuts for a homogeneous cooking (unlike when you cut your potatoes with a kitchen knife). With interchangeable grills, the fried cut offers the possibility of having fries of different sizes.

For example, users can have fun cutting potatoes into matches, medium-sized or large sticks.

Robust and easy to clean

Generally made of stainless steel, the fried cut is very sturdy and can be easily cleaned by hand or dishwasher. Thanks to the anti-corrosive material with which it was designed, this utensil can withstand intensive use and frequent washing.

In addition, this device is easy to use and does not require a long grip, nor does it require a savvy user. Designed to be used by everyone, it offers a high security guarantee. Thus, there is no more risk of cutting because the fingers are never in contact with the wired blade grill.

You will find on our website, different professional models (cut fries on cutting board, on base or to fix) as well as a first price model. This device is also very practical and easy to store.

After use, the fried cut slips very easily into the bottom of a closet. For a price close to 30 euros for stainless steel versions, it turns out to be a very good investment.