The use of kitchen knives

A kitchen knife for every use

A kitchen knife is a utensil for preparing dishes. It is used in particular to: - peel the fruits and vegetables - cut the cheese, ham, salmon, sausage or other foodstuffs in slices, cubes or strips - cut meats and poultry (in this case a boning knife is often essential to easily detach the meat from the bones - cutting the fish (a kitchen knife with a flexible blade is sometimes preferable) As a result, you must choose each kitchen knife according to the food you prepare.

You must have at least the following material: - a paring knife that will be used to cut onions, potatoes, carrots and aromatic plants - a bird's-billed kitchen knife to more easily peel certain fruits and round vegetables - a chef's knife that will be used to chop or mince fish or meat - a bread knife - a crushing kitchen knife that will be used to chop more easily and quickly - a meat kitchen knife - a sole-net kitchen knife.

For some uses, sometimes it's better to prefer a kitchen mandolin to a knife.

How to choose your kitchen knives and how to maintain them?

You must choose kitchen knives that are sharp enough and have a good grip (in fact, this is essential so that you do not risk hurting yourself with your kitchen knife). Nowadays, the best Japanese knives are Misonoknives, kaiknife, and globalknife.

Also be aware that if you like cutting ham or salmon into thin slices, a honeycomb blade will make it much easier for you to stick to the blade.

To preserve the edge of your knives, it is important to sharpen them with the right material and use a composite or wood cutting board (not glass or material too hard). Various tools exist on the market, from the classic sharpening rifle, to the simplest of use: the automatic sharpener or shinkansen, at most effective, the stones to sharpen.

When it comes to the maintenance of kitchen knives, the easiest way is to clean them with hot water but especially never put them in the dishwasher.