Prepare your fresh pasta with a pasta machine.

Why make your pasta homemade?

Take the time to make your pasta and it will be even better. Go ahead, there's nothing simpler than making ravioli, gnocchi, or other farfalles! With your pasta machine, it will be very easy to prepare your meals, and to treat your friends with a dish of fresh pasta.

Homemade pasta is richer in fibre, medium-calorie and, above all, cooked faster. With homemade pasta, you have the option to vary the flours and even add extra fine durum semolina to improve the texture of your pasta.

There's nothing simpler than making homemade pasta, but only if you're well equipped! To do this, equip yourself with the best pasta machine,a Imperia of course!

Imperia, the pasta machine specialist.

A Imperia machine remains an inexpensive and very profitable investment. With a pasta machine, homemade pasta is a maddeningly simple way. The dough is smoothed extremely easily, without any particular fatigue or dexterity.

A true artisanal product, the Imperia brand pasta machine is a reference in the market. For several decades, the Imperia machine has been synonymous with quality and Italian tradition. Several models are offered by the brand. To make your homemade pasta, you can opt for a manual or motorized machine. For each product, the brand offers removable accessories for greater comfort and for easy and fast maintenance. The price of a Imperia pasta machine remains very affordable and represents the best value for money.

The brand's benchmarks are: quality, robustness, reliability and longevity. The materials used characterize the qualities of the machine. The manufacturer uses nickel steel, tempered steel and chrome steel. The machine therefore has an aesthetically pleasing visual appearance and a solidity, making the purchase of a machine, often a long-term purchase.

For your fresh pasta, trust Imperia, a pasta machinespecialist! Pasta machines imperia, siphon isi, cast iron casserole and cut-fries are the favorite kitchen utensils of lovers of "homemade" dishes.