The benefits of silicone mold

Why choose a silicone mold?

For all your pastries and terrines, the silicone mould guarantees a flawless presentation thanks to its easy removal. A very significant time saver, especially for individual cupcakes: madeleines, muffins, cupcakes... Anti-stick, our pastry moulds are used without fat for perfectly homogeneous cooking.

With easy handling, they avoid any waste of your preparation. Resistant to temperatures of -50C to 250C, food silicone is compatible with both freezer storage and hot oven cooking. It does not deform over time, melts in heat and does not harden on contact with the cold.

This perfectly hygienic material, guaranteed without toxic elements, goes to the dishwasher (up to 90oC) and allows the use of industrial detergents. Flexible and tear-proof, silicone moulds have become indispensable elements of modern cuisine.

In addition to their ease of use, you will also appreciate the space savings obtained. Their perfect resistance after many cookings makes it a reliable and durable product, of excellent value for money.

Silicone mould: presentations and various uses

We offer the silicone mould in a range quite varied to allow you to make preparations whose quality and presentation can compete with those of catering professionals.

In a snap, you can make a dozen small ovens or fifteen tarts. Ideal for fluffy cakes of genoese or four-quarters, you can also use the silicone pastry mold for your cold or baked terrines.

Originally conceived as a pastry utensil,the silicone mould is becoming more and more a kitchen utensil itself. Think also of the silicone mold for your ice creams and entremets but also for the realization of your salty mouthwashes!

Similarly, steaming in foil has undergone a revival with the arrival of the silicone mould: it has become the indispensable accessory of slimming cooking, which allows recipes without fat, preserving the taste and vitamins of food.

To easily and cleanly fill your silicone mold, there's nothing like a disposable socket pocket.