Tips for using ISI Gourmet Whip Plus siphons

1. Fill the siphon ISI with maximum capacity
2. Introduce the gas cartridge into the cartridge holder. The isi system ensures optimal quality
3. Screw the isi cartridge with the cartridge holder
4. Shake the appliance vigorously (fresh cream 3 times, light cream/long shelf life cream with minimum fat content of 30% up to 10 times), remove the cartridge holder, remove the cartridge. Whip 1 l: Repeat steps 2 to 4 with a second cartridge
5. Hold the unit with "head down" (vertical trim socket) and measure portion after serving - don't shake in the meantime!
6. Cool upright or lying down.
Keep warm in a double boiler at a maximum of 75oC.
Expertise: "Keep 6 hours warm with Gourmet Whip PLUS"