Guide to low-temperature cooking temperatures

Low-temperature vacuum cooking allows you to obtain a soft and fluffy texture of your meats but also incomparable flavours while preserving the nutritional qualities of your food. Precision is a guarantee of success, follow our recommendations for perfect cooking!

Meat and offalTemperatureDuration
Lamb fillet 56 to 62 degrees Celsius 25m
Beef, veal, blanquette cheek 67 C 24 hours
Lamb shoulder,gigot 58 to 60 degrees C 4 a.m.
Spare Ribs 58 C 72:00 a.m.
Sweetbreads 67 C 1 a.m.
Medaillon, pork filet mignon/ Walnuts or veal fillet 64 C 45m
Rack of lamb 62oC 2 a.m.
Beef rib (thickness 2.5 cm) bleeding 54oC 1 a.m.
Beef rib (thickness 2.5 cm) at point 56oC 1 a.m.
Beef rib (thickness 2.5 cm) rosé 58oC 1 a.m.

To obtain a caramelization on top of certain meats such as a duck breast, a rack of lamb for example, it is recommended that you quickly brown your meats in the pan after vacuum cooking.

Chicken leg with bone, whole pigeon, poultry 68oC 2 a.m.
White poultry, boneless quail 65oC 25m
Foie gras 53 degrees/68 degrees Celsius 40m
Egg 62/64 degrees Celsius 1 a.m.
Turkey leg 80oC 2 a.m.
Duck confit 56.5oC 48 hours
Duck breast 56oC 25m

Fish and seafoodTemperatureDuration
Salmon, Tuna, Trout 45 degrees Celsius/55 degrees Fahrenheit 20m
White fish (monkfish, colin, bar, soles...) 58oC 15m
Lobster 54oC 20m
Octopus 45oC 4 a.m.
Shrimps, prawns 45oC 20m
Stripe 50oC 12m
Fillet of mackerel, sardine 45oC 12m

root vegetables 85oC 1 - 4 a.m.
vegetables 85oC 30 - 75m

Betteraves, turnips, artichokes, carrots...
Onions, beans, cauliflower, asparagus, peas, eggplant...

Two exceptions: artichokes 90 degrees for 45 minutes and potato 90 degrees for 25 minutes

Fruits (apple, pear type) 70oC 35m
Other fruits (peaches, mango, strawberries, apricots, bananas...) ** 65oC 20m

Don't forget that it's all about taste! Adjust this table based on your preferences!