The Cooking Chef is delivered with the following accessories:

chef cooking book

The book "Recipes for the Cooking Chef" : A very complete cookbook of 350 pages with more than 220 exclusive recipes developed by French Chefs (pasta, soups, starters, main courses, sauces, jams, desserts, entremets, breads , brioches, drinks, smoothies ...) to get the most out of your robot.
Hardback book in French.


The stainless steel bowl with a capacity of 6.7 liters for cooking chefs, allowing with the induction system to cook and stir simultaneously.

The thermoRestist ™ glass blender (KAH358GL) with a total capacity of 1.8 L. Its borosilicate glass is resistant to large temperature variations. You can pour hot and cold contents into it alternately, without the risk of it cracking or breaking.

The base and the stainless steel knives are removable for a complete cleaning. The bowl is dishwasher safe , graduated and equipped with a handle and a spout for easier use. You can work thick preparations (hummus, ice cream) without having to scrape the sides of the bowl using the mixer supplied with the blender.

new-multi-function-bowl-cookingchef-l The Multifunctional bowl - Food processor (AT647), a very versatile accessory. With its 6 discs and its knife, it can mix, mix, puree, chop, slice or grate a large number of ingredients in its bowl. With its capacity of 2.35 liters, it is ideal for family use.
kenwood-mixer-cookingchef.jpg The Stainless steel mixer, its shape designed to follow the contours of the bowl is perfectly suited to the cooking function of the Cooking Chef. It is the essential accessory for fragile preparations that require a long cooking time and regular mixing (curry, stew, blanquette, risottos, fish, vegetables ...)mixeursouple-kenwood-cookingchef.jpg The Flexible Mixer (AT502): ideal for mixing sauces, smoothing or facilitating the incorporation of ingredients into flexible preparations. It is perfect for preparing risottos or dessert creams. It is supplied with two silicone sleeves that are very easy to install or remove for sweet and savory preparations.
whiskballon-kenwood-cookingchef.jpg The balloon whisk, designed in stainless steel, is essential for beating eggs to stiff peaks, whipping cream, mixing frying and pancake dough, beating butter and cream into a foam ...petrin-kenwood-cookingchef.jpg The stainless steel kneader : a real "professional" tool for perfectly making bread and baker's yeast-based mixes.
beaterk-kenwood-cookingchef.jpg The stainless steel mixer K, perfect for preparing puff pastry, shortbread or shortbread doughs, cookie and cake doughs; mash the potatoes; prepare all the pasta which rolls down and the gnocchi.cover.jpg The cover : is an essential protection against splashes. It has an opening allowing the addition of ingredients during preparation.
kenwood-steamer-basket-cookingchef.jpg The Steamer Basket , ideal for steaming vegetables, fish, meats and even certain desserts, for a cooking full of flavor, light and natural.carpet.jpg The under bowl mat: The under bowl mat is ideal for insulating heat and protecting your worktop.
spatula_up2.jpg The Spatula, it is perfectly heat resistant to easily remove the soft pasta from the bowl.

When you buy a product on the internet, it's always important to know what happens in the event of a problem. At Colichef , we attach great importance to after-sales service. By purchasing your cooking chef Colichef , you benefit from a full guarantee on your robot for 3 years.

The first thing to do in the event of a breakdown is to contact the Colichef team by phone or e-mail.

After knowing your problem, we try to see if it is possible to help you remotely (following misuse or manipulation of the device).

If it is not possible to solve your problem, we will ask you to carefully pack the defective part for transport. It is not necessary to pack the kitchen with all these accessories. As soon as the package is prepared, we will ask the UPS carrier to come and collect the package in order to drop it off at the official Kenwood repair center. At Colichef , you can be sure that the repair will be carried out perfectly. Indeed, it is always the official center Kenwood which takes care of your repairs. Depending on the type of problem, Kenwood decides to replace or repair the defective part.

Important to know: you have absolutely nothing to pay during these 3 years. No parts, no labor, no back and forth between your home and the Kenwood repair @4A1S9 .

After the 3 years of total warranty, you have the choice to have your machine repaired or you wish (directly at Kenwood , by an authorized or non-authorized repairer). It's up to you.