Box of 7 cutlery fluted hearts

Mallard ferrière

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Product details

Ref :P135

Box of 7 cutlery polyglass fluted hearts

(fluted heart cookie cutter)

Box of 7 fluted heart cutters made of polyglass composite material (food plastic that is resistant to up to 160oC).

This set allows you to cut in a clean, precise and regular way.

Very good quality, very strong, resistant and hard.

Easy to clean thanks to its one-piece design. These dcouples meet food hygiene standards.

Rounded edges - size marking.


  • Shape: Heart
  • Reason: fluted
  • Size of cyt size: 12x11.5 cm / 10.5x10 cm / 9x8.5 cm / 7.5x7 cm / 6x5.5 cm / 4.5x4 cm / 3x2.5 cm
  • Height: 3.5 cm
  • Material: polyglass food plastic
  • French manufacturing.
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