Food colouring powder Brown Chocolate 20gr

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Food colouring powder Brown Chocolate 20gr.

20g jar of concentrated food colouring powder.

Ideal for coloring your recipes both sweet and salty (dishes, pastry, macaroons, desserts, icings, sugar pasta, yoghurt, etc...).

Easy to use, this water-soluble powder (water-soluble, milk, etc.) is added directly to your preparation. You can change the color intensity depending on your dosage.

Professional-quality dye. Tasteless, and odourless.

Technical features:

  • Packaging: 20g jar
  • Professional-quality dye
  • Water soluble
  • Tasteless, and odourless

Chocolate Brown E102 / E129 / E151

Ingredients: Tartrazine 32.3%, Red Allura 23.8%, Black Shining 9.3%, Dextrose

Dosage: 0.305 g/kg.

Allowed for colouring of interiors and fodder (according to current legislation). May have adverse effects on activity and attention in children. Suitable for food, water soluble.

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