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Discover all the pockets, sockets and automatic funnels to make your flutes, macaroons, and other pastries. You can also find through our shelves all the kitchen utensils you may need in the professional kitchen as well as at home.
Explore our choice of kitchen whip, Chinese sieve,siphon ISI and other materials for the preparation of your pastries, desserts and ready meals.

0.80 L Funnel Choc Piston Funnel

Silikmart's Funnel Choc is a professional-grade piston doser. Ideal for filling and dosing liquid or melted preparations...
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Pinches for pastry pockets (3x)

These tongs are very practical for sealing pastry pockets filled with waiting to use or different sachets. It's also very convenient to close...
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Christmas log socket (small)

Transparent polycarbonate sleeve. This socket has a flat side and a toothed side. Ideal for making patterns, effects and decoration on...
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Box of 24 polycarbonate sockets choice of patissier

Box of 24 polycarbonate decoration sleeves choice of the pastry chef. Ideal for work and decoration in pastry.
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Duo sleeve box with coating

With the duo sleeve box with coat, you will be able to develop your creativity in terms of tastes and colors for both pastry and cooking....
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Writing cones and sockets

Ideal for writing on your cakes or any other pastries, the writing cones allow you to work with a very fine writing. No folding...
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