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With Bourgeat cooking utensils, opt for professional quality! All the elements of the Bourgeat kitchen battery ensure even cooking thanks to multi-layered aluminium bottoms.

Marmite Bourgeat, sautéer, round, induction pan or induction,Bourgeat utensils offer the best and find their place in the restaurant's kitchen as well as in private homes. The Bourgeat pot, like the rest of the range, is intended for all-fire use, the bottom covered with a stainless steel disc is also designed for induction plates.

Complete your kitchen battery with a wide selection of stainless steel lids.

Rondeau / Jumping dish diameter 32 cm

The reference of demanding chefs. Thick stainless steel body. stainless steel/alu/stainless steel sandwich bottom. Patented...
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High-diameter marmite 45 cm

This pot offers easier and more regular cooking, ideal for catering professionals. You can control your cooking thanks to its perfectly flat...
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45 cm diameter stainless steel lid

This 45cm stainless steel lid is suitable for your Bourgeat Excellence kitchen battery and can be used on other equivalent brands in this...
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