Pay for your purchases with confidence on our website.

Transactions on Colichef are secured by the Ingenico/Ogone payment system ( and CIC Bank ( All information exchanged to process payment is encrypted using the SSL protocol coupled with bank money. This means that the order information and the credit card number do not circulate in plain language on the Internet. You can check this by looking at the internet address of the page on which you enter your bank details: it says "https," the "s" meaning secure. This data cannot be detected, intercepted or used by third parties.

3D SECURE (Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode): a new security for your online payments. The 3D-Secure protocol is based on the introduction of additional control when purchasing online. In addition to the bank details traditionally entered (card number, validity date, cardholder's name, cvc code), the buyer will have to validate on a new window his payment by entering a secret data agreed with his own bank (password, code received by sms or generated by a personal reader, date of birth...).

Our website does not keep any bank data or credit card numbers to ensure maximum protection. Your credit card number is not printed on any paper, invoice, invoice or other listing. We are never aware of card numbers. So your bank details are safe.