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Product details

Ref :C052


This Delon stainless butter shell has a long 7 cm blade. The fluted stainless steel blade makes it possible to make beautiful presentations by removing butter shavings.

Its polypropylene handle is a very nice finish, it ensures excellent resistance to high temperatures, chemical agents (detergents ...) and a good hold in the face of possible shocks.

Technical features:

  • Stainless steel fluted blade
  • Polypropylene channel
  • 6 cm long stainless blade
  • Dishwasher washable
  • Made in France

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Expert opinion Colichef :

conseil expert

This butter shell allows you to treat your presentations with a very aesthetic rendering.

It can also be used to delicately empty the heart of a tomato!

Very robust over time, this utensil is as powerful as it is resistant!

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