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Pepper mill Peugeot 22 cm - black lase

The flagship mill model of the Peugeotbrand, popular with chefs and culinary enthusiasts alike! The pepper mechanism holds a double row of helical teeth that grabs the grains, pulls them down, then blocks them to grind them perfectly. It benefits from a patented treatment that protects the steel from corrosion while preserving its edge and wear resistance.

U'Select: A unique patented tuning system!

Easy to use, the grind is adjustable according to your desire. Simply turn the ring at the base of the mill to select the desired grind. He's not going to go wrong!

A bespoke grind!

This mill is very effective for precisely grinding all the grains (black, white, or green pepper) for a seasoning adapted to your taste! Simply turn your mill clockwise to get your ground pepper. You can also grind coriander seeds or add pink berries as long as they are accompanied by pepper (15% max compared to pepper).

This model Peugeot u'Select allows you to adjust the size of the grind with precision (6 pepper grinds).

Be aware that the flavour of your pepper depends on the grind:

  • A fine grind helps to develop the power of pepper
  • Medium Grind will provide a good balance
  • A large Grind will reveal the aroma

We recommend using a pepper with a diameter of 6mm or less for optimal operation of the pepper mechanism Peugeot.

Technical features:

  • Height: 22 cm
  • Colors: Black lase
  • PEFCTM Certified Wood from largely local French forests
  • Mill mechanism guaranteed for life
  • French manufacturing

Also available in chocolate pepper mill 27cm, white laqué 22cm

The Peugeotlabel, the made in France tastes good!

The Peugeot adventure began in the 19th century with the rhythm of abundant and ingenious creations. The coffee and pepper mills Peugeot are today the Reference of gourmets and great chefs. In two centuries, Peugeot has grown its business all over the world! On the brand's logo, the feline symbolizes the quality of the products Peugeot: tooth strength, blade flexibility and speed of cutting. The "Lion brand" anxious to marry Excellence and Pleasure, imposes its brand in the world of spices and wine, harmoniously combining design and technology.

French manufacture: design, technical development and manufacturing are done in Quigey, Doubs. The wood is turned, varnished or painted; the carved mechanisms, assembled meticulously with a know-how of goldsmith.

Expert opinion Colichef :

conseil expert

A mill of impeccable quality! Very resistant Peugeot offers a lifetime guarantee on the mill mechanism!

Ultra practical, it allows to have a good grip thanks to its curved shape..

We particularly like its very elegant, modern and timeless design!

Used by the greatest chefs, this mill fits perfectly into the style of all kitchens, both private and professional!

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