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You don't have to be a scientist or a great cook to get into molecular cooking! Colichef offers a wide range of boxes, as well as recipe books and ingredients essential to the success of your preparations.

A molecular cooking kit will allow you to impress your guests by making surprising recipes. Inside the molecular cooking kit you will find specific utensils, a recipe booklet, pre-dosed ingredients and a DVD featuring even more recipes in video. Thus, even beginners will be able to make a large number of creative recipes, such as the famous molecular caviar, cocktails, desserts and many more.

Agar-agar (10 sachets)

Agar-agar (10 sachets) Agar-agar is a natural gelling agent made from red algae used to make solid pearls, gel spaghetti and jams, among...
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Cosmopolitan R-evolution molecular kit

Cosmopolitan R-evolution molecular kit Impress your friends with three recipes that push the boundaries of molecular mixology! Add a...
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Cocktail R-evolution molecular kit

Cocktail R-evolution molecular kit Stop just mixing juice and alcohol and learn how to deconstruct your favourite cocktails! Serve...
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