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Chef or seasoned amateur, are you looking for a professional kitchen rape? You're in the right place! Colichef develops a wide range of professional cooking instruments, which will allow you to grate different condiments in small or large grains.

The Microplane, double-edged and two-way graters are particularly effective for the many foods requiring thin and medium strips: vegetables, hard cheese, cabbage... With a size of 30 centimetres and a cutting surface of 20.3 cm x 2.5 cm, they allow excellent support and a great speed of movement. Also discover the very large grain graters and spice graters of the same brand.

Finally, know that there are also specialized graters for citrus fruits, nutmeg or truffles!

Fine spice/citrus grater

This professional fine grater from the Gourmet Microplane collection is ideal for finely grating spices, lemon, lime, cinnamon,...
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