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Mastrad oven thermometer with probe

Master your cooking of your dishes to the degree close with this cooking thermo-sounder. Ideal for cooking foie gras, fish or...
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0.5 litre stainless steel graduated measure

This graduated measure made of stainless steel is ideal for easily measuring all your ingredients.
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Duo digital thermometer aimed laser and probe

2 thermometers in 1, in fact this thermometer allows you to measure the temperatures of products on their surfaces thanks to the infrared laser...
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Oven thermometer with stainless steel probe

This thermometer with waterproof stainless steel sensor is ideal for mastering cooking at heart. It is possible to set a set temperature, the...
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Waterproof professional kitchen scale

Occupational balance 6 kg precision 0.5 gram. Works with rechargeable battery (220 volts). Non-slip and adjustable feet to ensure perfect...
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At850 Kenwood electronic scale

With its resolutely modern design, the kitchen scale Kenwood integrates with the style of all kitchens. You can position it on...
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