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Refrigerator-freezer thermometer

Plastic fridge-freezer thermometer, with alcohol. Very easy to read the temperature. Graduation from - 50 to 50 degrees Celsius.
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Thermometer weigh-syrup

Thermometer weighs-syrup or densimeter syrup, glass, graduated from 1100 to 1400 g/l. (15 to 40 'Be). Comes with a PVC storage case and a scale...
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Confectioner thermometer

Confectioner thermometer with great legibility. Red alcohol. Glass body protected by a dietary grey polyamide sheath. Graduation from 80 to...
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Oven thermometer with stainless steel probe

This thermometer with waterproof stainless steel sensor is ideal for mastering cooking at heart. It is possible to set a set temperature, the...
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