Why and how to choose a isi siphon?

Want to buy a siphon, but don't know which one to choose? Let yourself be guided! The Colichef team explains everything you need to know about the siphon!

The siphon and Colichef it has long been a long love story.

We have been selling and using siphons for over 10 years. We sold several thousand of them. Today, after trying almost all the major brands on the market, we have sorted and we sell only the siphons of the Austrian manufacturer isi.

Why this choice? Simply because our personal experience and feedback from our professional customers make us convinced that isi siphons are the best on the market.

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Which siphon model to choose?

Gourmet whip, gourmet whip Plus, thermo whip, easy whip, cream profi whip ... It is not always easy to find your way around all these appellations.

To simplify, we can categorize siphons into two different categories:

1) Siphon for hot and/or cold preparations:

In addition to whipped creams and cold mousses,you can also make all the preparations of hot mousses, sauces or espumas. These are Gourmet whip siphons (available in 1/4, 1/2 and 1 litre), Thermo whip (1/2 litre) and Thermo Xpress Whip (1 litre counter version).

2) Siphon for cold preparations only:

With this type of siphon, you can make whipped creams, flavoured creams or various cold foams. These are the Cream profi whip siphons (1/2 litre and 1 litre) and Easy whip (only available in 1/2 litre).

Personally, we always recommend buying a "hot/cold" siphon.

If you will only try a few tests of whipped cream at first, you will quickly find yourself wanting to try some hot foams or espumas. Then, once you get a taste, you won't be able to stop.

Now let's take a look at the common questions our customers ask us before choosing a siphon:

What is the difference between a gourmet whip siphon and a thermo whip?

Both models make it possible to make hot or cold preparations.

The difference between these two siphons is in the shelf life of the product at temperature. The Thermo whip siphon is equipped with a double wall that allows the product to be stored at a temperature (hot or cold) for longer periods of time without the need to store the siphon in the fridge or in a double boiler. However, unlike the Gourmet whipsiphon, you can't warm up your thermo whip with a double boiler.

How many cartridges should I use in my siphon?

You have to use one cartridge per half-litre. If you use a half-litre or quarter-litre siphon, you put a cartridge. If you use a one-litre siphon, you will use two cartridges. Sometimes, for some preparations, you will use an extra cartridge ... but it is mostly out of habit and a matter of feeling.

Beware the isi gold cartridges are exclusively dedicated to the soda siphon isi while the isi silver cartridges are suitable for all other siphons.

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What siphon countenance to choose?

The half-litre siphon is the best-selling and remains a safe bet. The quarter litre is ideal for very small preparations or for up to two people but can quickly become insufficient. The 1 litre version is ideal because it allows to make larger quantities but also allows to make small portions without any problems. When comparing the purchase price of siphons and cartridges, it is often preferable and more cost-effective to choose a one-litre siphon.

Should you choose a siphon with a plastic, aluminum or stainless steel head?

Without hesitation, a siphon with head and body stainless steel like the gourmet models whip or thermo whip.

What can I do with my siphon besides whipped cream?

The list is long and many recipes are available on the internet. The siphon is suitable for both hot and cold preparations, sweet as well as salty. From the simplest recipes to the most sophisticated, your siphon will delight the taste buds of foodies! Here are some recipe ideas from a isi siphon: a goat cheese espuma, broccoli cream, pumpkin mousse soup, basil emulsion, hollandaise sauce, tempura paste, blinis paste, orange mousse, cupcake cream...

How do I use a isi siphon?

The ISI siphons are very easy to use! However, there are a few rules to follow to achieve a perfect result:

First, it is important to always pass your preparations through a fine sieve before inserting them into your siphon. You can use any sieve as long as it is thin enough to block lumps and grains. If you don't have a sieve yet, we recommend the funnel sieve isi. This one is really well thought out. Its wide neck perfectly fits the diameter of the siphon entrance and allows it to hold almost alone in place on the siphon. It's like you have a third hand.

Second, how to shake the siphon matters. Depending on the percentage of fat, you will not shake your siphon in the same way. The more you shake your siphon, the more likely the preparations will become firm. On the contrary, if you do not shake your preparation enough, it may remain too liquid.

The third point is that the percentage of fat in your cream plays a role in the result of your preparation. At least one cream with 30% fat is needed. The ideal is to use a cream with a fat level between 32 and 36%. Always keep in mind that the fatter it is, the less you have to shake the siphon. There is also nothing to prevent you from testing your preparation in advance before serving.

For cold preparations, keep your siphon in the fridge. For hot preparations, you can place your siphon in the double boiler, taking care never to exceed 75oC. For technical reasons, the Thermo whip siphon should never be placed in a double boiler.

How do I shake my siphon?

The percentage of fat must be taken into account.

Fresh cream with a fat content of 36% should be shaken no more than 3 times. Fresh cream with a fat content of 30% to 32% should be shaken 4 to 5 times at most. There is no need to shake between portions. In order to better spread the gas, you should always shake the siphon with your head down.

How long can the preparation be kept?

As a general rule, you can keep your preparation in the refrigerator for a week. But if you have foodies at home, chances are that the contents of your siphon will be emptied the next day!

What's the different between a Gourmet Whip and a Gourmet Whip Plus?

There is no difference between these two models. Initially, this siphon model was called the Gourmet Whip. Then, for marketing reasons, it became the Gourmet Whip Plus. Today for unknown reasons (certainly for simplicity), it is called again the Gourmet Whip.

Are the isi siphons the best?


Austrian manufacturer isi has been designing siphons for more than 50 years. His expertise is recognized by top chefs for delivering the best siphon in the world.

isi siphons are generally more expensive than competitors, but buying a isi siphon should be considered an investment for many years to come. Nothing is left to chance at isi: The choice of materials without compromising on quality, manufacturing, safety, impeccable finish, simplicity of use and perfect result make these siphons a true guarantee of quality and this for many years.

What is the warranty on a isisiphon?

The isi brand siphons are guaranteed for 2 years but usually these siphons have a very long lifespan. We regularly receive messages asking for spare parts for 20- or 30-year-old siphons!

Now that you know everything about siphons, it's up to you! Please contact us by email or phone if you have any other questions!

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