Exopap silicon paper - GN 1/1

Matfer Bourgeat

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Product details

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This double-sided silicon paper is non-stick. It is ideal for cooking, freezing, frying, decorating, storing or layering!

It fits perfectly for cooking on a 1/1 gn grill or a baking sheet gn 1/1 .

Comes in a carton dispenser, it contains 500 ready-to-use sheets. These can be used several times on both sides to make their use profitable.

Environmentally conscious, this cooking paper comes from sustainably managed forests. It is biodegradable and recyclable.

Technical features:

  • Leaf size: 53x32.5 cm (GN 1/1)
  • Number of leaves: 500
  • Packaged in cardboard dispenser.

Also available: the silicone baking paper adjustable 40cm wide, the Cooking Canvas Exopat 40X30cm Matfer,the non-stick cooking canvas gn1/1

Expert opinion Colichef

conseil expert

This baking paper is silicon on both sides, so it can be reused several times.

Top for baking cookies and pastries!

It can also be used to make papillotes or to protect and cook on a plancha!

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