Liquid food colouring Sky Blue 100ml

Mallard ferrière

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Product details

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liquid food coloring Mallard Ferrière

Ideal for colouring your sweet and savoury recipes with a beautiful sky blue.

This concentrated dye is used for colouring and baking decoration. The vial is very convenient to use, it has a dropper system for a precise dosage.

This professional quality dye is tasteless and odourless, you can add it in your dishes, pastries, desserts, icings, sugar pasta, yoghurt...

Water soluble, this liquid dye is also suitable for sugar work and airbrush.

Technical features:

  • Contain: 100 ml
  • Concentrated dye
  • Professional-grade water-soluble dye

Sky Blue E133

Ingredients: Water, Bright Blue 1.7%, Sodium sulphate 0.3%, Sodium Benzoate E211 0.2%

Dosage: 2 to 2.5 g/kg.

Also available is the liquid liquid coloring red strawberry, raspberry red, blackcish, chocolate, caramel, shiny black, egg yolk,lemon yellow,mint green,apple green, pistachio green, white, indigo blue.

The expert's opinion Colichef :

conseil expert

This food coloring is of very good quality.

You can change the intensity of the color by varying the dosage.

It is also possible to use for the coloring of the interiors - fodder.

Top to make a piece mounted with blue and gold macaroons for a baptism for example!

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