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Agar agar 50g

Agar agar is a natural gelling agent, extracted from hot-soluble red algae. Agar agar can be used as a substitute for gelatin in confectionery,...
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Alginate de sodium HV 1 kg - E401

Inodorous and tasteless, high viscosity sodium alginate (HV) - E401 is an extract of brown algae, called laminar. Forms an insoluble, stable gel...
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Dehydrated egg white - 100 grams

The egg white of the egg deshydrated powder rises in snow and holds like fresh egg whites. These egg whites hold better than fresh egg whites...
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Fresh cake- 1 kg

The fresh cake is composed of simple sugars and allows a better preservation of the softness. Ideal for making cakes, sponge cakes, savoys,...
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Fructose 1 kg

Fructose is a crystalline powder, odourless with a sweet flavour. This sugar is naturally present in fruits, honey and some plants. Thanks to...
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Swine Gelatin 200 Bloom 150 grams

Powdered gelatin is intended for food consumption. Type A gelatin of swine origin. The bloom is the unit of measurement of the gellings, the...
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Powdered Arabic gum 1 kg

Gum Arabic powder 1 kg Arabic gum is a thickener used: thickening for dietary products in wine prevents the break-up of wines in...
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BRONZE quality leaf gelatin - 1 Kg - Atlas

GELatin in BRONZE leaf- 1 Kg - Atlas Leaf gelatin is a natural collagen protein. The BRONZE q uity is more or...
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Quality sheet gelatin Silver 1 Kg - Gelita

Silver leaf gelatin - 1 Kg - Atlas Leaf gelatin is a natural collagen protein. The silver amount is more or less...
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Agar-agar (10 sachets)

Agar-agar (10 sachets) Agar-agar is a natural gelling agent made from red algae used to make solid pearls, gel spaghetti and jams, among...
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