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Butter shell

The Butter Shell improves the presentation of butter, it allows to collect beautiful shavings. This Delon stainless butter shell has a...
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Castor vegetable peeler - stainless blade

Ideal for peeling and peeling your fruits and vegetables. Very good manufacturing model. Castor is the inventor and reference of stirrup...
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Double canneler

Save time in the kitchen! Twice as fast as a single canneleur, this professional double stainless steel canneler Déglon lets...
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Empty apples - 1.5 cm

This vacuum stainless steel professional apples has a diameter of 1.5cm. It allows the seeds to be extracted from apples...
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Double apple spoon

A 2-in-1 apple spoon! This double apple pan allows you to make balls of two diameters: 2.2 cm and 2.8 cm. The...
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Apple spoon - 1.3 cm

This apple pan makes it possible to make fruit and vegetable balls with a diameter of 1.2 cm. Also known as the...
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Parmesan knife

This Parmesan knife has a rigid blade perfectly designed for cutting hard pasta such as Parmesan. It makes it easy to cut...
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Manual box opener

An essential kitchen utensil! Convenient to quickly open all cans without damaging your fingers! This high-quality can...
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